After 2020 the familiar registration form will be definitively replaced by this online module. Not only this will result in an easier and quicker application process, it will also allow you to consult your application history at all times. What exactly you need to do to submit an application, you can read in the manual. Or you can watch the instruction video where you can follow the entire process step by step.


Easy to use

Using belgianIDpro applying for an SSIN number for a foreign employee will become much easier. The module is conceived as a step-by-step process guiding you through every single phase. The identification documents to be submitted can consist of various pages and double-sided scanning is allowed.

Quick and transparent

With belgianIDpro you know where you stand at any time during the process. Feedback can be quickly retrieved through the application history. Should any additional information be required in order to finalize your application, you will be notified thereof by e-mail.


Information on your application is centralized in one system. Missing information on a foreign employee that is already known at the Crossroads Bank, will automatically be added in belgianIDpro.


All applications from your company will be gathered into one application history. This way you will have a clear overview of previous and current applications at all times. Furthermore, you can sort the applications by applicant. This will provide for extra structure in major companies.

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Download the manual

How to apply for an SSIN number? Here is a convenient step-by-step overview.


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